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Founder Jessica Doyle-Mekkes

Hi, I'm Jessica.  Wife, girl mom, beach bum, aspiring foodie & Broadway super fan.  I’m also a vocal coach, professor, and researcher who is hell bent on helping women get what they want and change their lives.  Truth?  No one’s going to give you what you want, you have to ask for it.  

95% of success is determined by those in your inner circle.  I want to be in yours.


Your voice is powerful!  In the way you speak to others, and the way you speak to yourself, lies the power to change your entire life.  The best part is - you have the ability to harness that power!  You are in control.  I know it may seem like it’s the other way around, but it doesn’t have to be.  Think of how much more centered, how much more confident you would be knowing that you can deliver your message in a voice that makes people want to listen to you.  Knowing that, regardless of situation, you can speak clearly and confidently, stay on track (or get back on), relax your body, and, dare I say, enjoy the moment you’ve worked so hard for!   

Your voice is the secret weapon to success you've always had but never knew how to use - until now. 

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Jessica has been the expert who talks about talking in a variety of international publications and platforms.  She has worked with pop stars..Broadway actors..CEO's & hundreds of other voices worldwide. 

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An interview with Jessica was featured by both Authority Magazine & Thrive Global (Huffington) for their "Rising Through Resilience" series. 

For me, resilience begins with the voice. It’s choosing to speak up, speak out, and use your voice to create positive change, even in the face of adversity. Adversity often begets silence and silence often signals acceptance. Perhaps the adversity seems too much to overcome, so we stop trying. Perhaps the risk of speaking up in the face of adversity seems too great, so we stay silent. Perhaps we think our voice doesn’t matter, our dreams are too big, or that previous failure means we are forever destined to fail. Resilience is choosing to try again, it’s the rebound.

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