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Get to Know Jessica's Keynote Topics & Create a Talk that Works for You.

Find Out Why Clients Love to Book Jessica 

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“...The session was packed with insights and actionable items. Love the advice on learning to use inner and outer voices to help overcome certain situations and behaviours.”

- Lavanya Yadlapalli: Product Mngr, Global Relay

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Jessica's Keynote Topics

While Jessica tailors each talk to the needs of the client, here are the most popular starting points. 

I'm Speaking


“Amazing session...very important information on how to become aware, speak up, and break patterns.” 

-Araceli Higueras: Business Analyst, Executive Coach


Impost-Her Syndrome


-Karen Bond: University of Plymouth

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“Unless you have been gaslit, it is impossible to comprehend how devastating it is. The level of disempowerment and feeling of helplessness is dreadful. Please keep on helping others to re-discover their voice.” 


Fail, Spectacularly:
The Power of Failure  


Clients Love to Book Jessica.
Let us tell you why.

Jessica brings humor, sass, and a few thoughtfully-chosen four letter words to her talks. Making her content enjoyable is the hill she's dying on. 

She's a college professor, and, let's be honest, no one's attention is harder to keep than a hungover 19-yr-old in an 8am pedagogy course. 

Yes, it is possible to both learn life-changing tools & have a really good time. We promise. 

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Jessica's skill set is really unique. She not only gives the ' can do it' pep talk, she also gives you the tools to create lasting change. (And yes, that means you have to actually do the work.) 

Jessica's work as a vocal coach enables her to give you the exact tools you need to make positive changes to your voice: in your head & out of your mouth. 

Yes, it is possible to both speak in a voice that is authentically yours & command a room. Ready to find out how? 

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Jessica meets you where you are.  She understands that change is about progress not perfection. And she loves the process of progress. 

Jessica's asks 3 questions: Where are you now? Where do you want to be? How long do you have to get there? Everything stems from those answers. 

Yes, it is possible to accomplish your goals & chase your dreams using the body, the mind, and the voice that you have right now. Are you game?

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Jessica gets it. She's the full-time working mom to 2 little girls. She knows what a dumpster fire life can be. She also knows if you're going to devote your time to something it better be effective & it better be efficient. 

Jessica's work breaks down change into manageable, digestible, wine-drinkable increments - all based on the latest research on how the brain learns. 

Yes, it is possible to create real, lasting change in about 10 minutes a day. Yes, you can drink wine while doing it. 

Dive Deeper...

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