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Jessica is thrilled to announce a coaching partnership with Voice & Dialect expert Rebecca Simon. Jessica & Rebecca are passionate about providing coaching for ESL speakers as well as first generation and new professionals looking for assistance with professional & interpersonal communications.

Rebecca Simon
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this is not about
public speaking.

Public speaking is a middle-aged

white guy standing in front of a

podium, telling you details you don’t

need to know about a topic you’re

not all that interested in.

He thinks he’s funny.

His mustache is funny.


this is about finding your voice

and using it

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Jessica Doyle-Mekkes

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…a hilarious confidence-boosting guide for anyone trying to strengthen their physical voice and empower their inner voice. The thoughtful research within helped me combat my imposter syndrome and inspired me to be bolder!”

Taylor Louderman, Tony nominated actress

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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

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Jessica Doyle-Mekkes has spent the last 15 years studying the human voice and working as a vocal coach for actors, singers, and public speakers. An internationally published writer and sought after clinician, her debut book, I’m Speaking: every woman’s guide to finding your voice & using it fearlessly  (Rowman & Littlefield) was hailed, "...a bible in standing your ground without trepidation." - Booklist 


Jessica works as a speaker, advisor, and clinician to individuals, groups, NGO’s and businesses small and large teaching women how to harness the power of their voices: in their heads & out of their mouths. In 2023, The Coach Foundation identified Jessica as one of the premier Vocal Coaches in the industry.

Jessica is the Head of Musical Theatre at East Carolina University where she has taught voice and vocal pedagogy since 2017.


Jessica lives in Greenville, NC with her husband Don, their daughters Tallulah and Jolie, and a codependent chihuahua named Sebastian.

“I don’t believe in lowering the pitch of a woman's voice so she can be heard on a microphone that was made for a man. I don't believe that the natural sound of a woman's voice makes her sound 'annoying' or 'unintelligent.' I do believe that all women are capable, by making small, specific changes, to speak in a way that both reflects who she is and commands a room.”                          


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