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Offering a monthly 2-hr voice lesson masterclass for musical theatre singers. Coachings are 15 minutes long and open to any singer ages 13+. 


  • Workshop audition & performance material
  • Gets tips & exercises to address your vocal challenges 
  • Learn to navigate your break smoothly
  • Learn to belt, mix, and sing in your headvoice with ease 
  • Ask your questions & receive rep suggestions 


Masterclass participation is by registration only. 

All masterclasses are open to the public for viewing. 

Participation is on a pay-what-you-can basis and if you are unable to pay, that's ok.  Suggested payment is $45. 


Zoom Link for Masterclass:


Participants must send their sheet music to: no later than 1-week before the masterclass. 


Participants must have an accompaniment/backing track (youtube is ok) available on a separate device from the one they are taking the class on. Ex. computer/phone. Be sure you have rehearsed with the track and please have it cued to your starting place. 


Participants must have their Zoom Audio settings on "High Fidelity Music Mode" before singing. A microphone is not required. 





Masterclass: Musical Theatre Singing

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