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Jessica is a much sought-after coach for women who have found (or who want to find) their powerful, authentic voice. She has worked with actors, singers, and professional voice users across the US & internationally. Her upcoming book I'm Speaking: every woman's guide to finding your voice & using it fearlessly comes out October 2023 and was named one of publisher Rowman & Littlefield's most anticipated releases of 2023 with women at the forefront. She receives weekly inquiries about individual and group coachings as well as designing workshops for organizations seeking a climate shift around women's voices. 

Jessica loves to work with women and organizations for whom she knows she can truly make a difference. Her ideal client is ready & willing to put in the work to make tangible, positive changes to her voice both in her head & out of her mouth. She's open to working with women at any point in their career journey: from campus to c-suite. 

Jessica takes on new clients and workshop opportunities as her speaking and professional schedule allow. She is available in-person and virtually. 

Reach out to Alexis to confirm dates, availability & budget. Once confirmed we'll set up an initial meeting to discuss goals and timeline. 


If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out. 


Jessica starts by asking 3 questions:

Where are you now?

Where do you want to be?

How long do you have to get there?

These partnerships are created to get you from where you are now to where you want to be on your timeline (a minimum of 3 month commitments are required). Our partnership includes bi-weekly 45-minute 1-on-1 Zoom video or telephone calls (your choice) with detailed exercises, reading, and homework in between - all focused on your unique goals and starting point. The work will evolve as your skills do. 

Why 3 months? Because new skills take time. Exercise science tell us it takes a minimum of 2-weeks for change to start to occur & longer if we're retraining old habits that are no longer serving you. To create lasting, life long change we have to retrain your voice, body, and mind; not only creating new skills but ensuring they will be available to you no matter what circumstances arise. 


Jessica asks that new clients commit to a minimum of a 3 month contract to ensure that they are setting themselves up, not only for initial success, but for success in the long term. 

Coaching agreements begin at $1500 per month. 








Every woman-in-charge needs a trusted advisor, a confidant, a ride-or-die, someone who is there only for them, without agenda. Who is yours? 

Jessica isn't your competition. She isn't on your payroll. She isn't going to "Yes" you or blow smoke up your ass because she's trying to get ahead. Trust me, sending clients out into the world sounding like shit when you've told them they're doing fantastic is really bad for business. 

What she is is the person who will give you honest, thoughtful, expert feedback. She's your champion. She knows when to talk and she knows when to listen (which is usually the more important of the two).


She'll help you go from expert in your field to figure head of your organization...ask for what you want & get what you need...prepare you to have the difficult conversations. She'll make sure you are ready to take on whatever is in your path, and that you sound great doing it. 


Think no one teaches you how to do these things? Jessica does. 

Advisory engagements are done by retainer and operate in an on-call fashion, starting at $2500 a month. 








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